How to Enroll

You will enroll in your benefits and complete your tax forms through an online program called My Total Access. You will have 31 days from the date of your hire date or date of qualifying event to enroll in or make changes to your benefits.

When to Enroll

  • If you begin work on Monday, you may begin using My Total Access beginning at noon on the Wednesday after your orientation.
  • If you begin work on any day other than Monday and do not attend orientation in Roanoke, contact your recruiter to learn when you may begin using My Total Access.
  • Please try to complete your enrollment by 11 p.m. on the Sunday after your first day of work; however, you do have 31 days from your start date to enroll. By completing your enrollment during your first week of work, you should receive your ID cards before your coverage becomes effective.

Using My Total Access to Enroll

  • Your My Total Access Username is the same username you use to log into your computer.
  • You may only access the site from a Carilion computer. If you need access to a computer, we have computer kiosks available in the following locations:
    • Carilion Franklin Memorial Hospital, in the Human Resources area.
    • Carilion Giles Community Hospital, in the Human Resources area.
    • Carilion Human Resources building.
    • Carilion New River Valley, in the Human Resources Training & Development office or the PC lab when there are no classes.
    • Carilion Stonewall Jackson Hospital, in Human Resources.
    • Environmental Services, Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital.
    • Health Sciences Libraries, Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital.
    • Laundry.
    • Warehouse. 

Enrollment Guidelines and Effective Dates

  • As a new employee, you have the opportunity to enroll in any of the benefits you are eligible to receive. If you don't enroll as a new employee, you will need to wait until you or your family member experiences a qualifying event or until our annual enrollment period, usually held each fall, to enroll or make changes to your benefits selections.
  • You have 31 days from the qualifying event date to make changes to your benefits. You have 31 days to provide the required documentation supporting the event. The required documentation may be submitted to Human Resources via fax at 540-857-5209 or inter-office mail and must be received before changes are effective.
  • All benefits, except PTO and the retirement savings plan, are effective on the first day of the month following 30 continuous days of employment. For example, if you start work on Aug. 15, your benefits will be effective on Oct. 1.
  • If you're eligible for PTO, you'll begin accruing it immediately.
  • Your retirement savings plan enrollment is effective within one to two pay periods of your enrollment.
  • Your enrollment decisions for all of your benefits, except the retirement savings plan, will remain in effect until Dec. 31 of this year (for November and December hires, it's Dec. 31 of next year), unless your family situation changes. You may enroll or make changes to your savings plan contributions at any time throughout the year through Principal —you do not need to wait for our annual enrollment period.
  • If you enroll in our medical, dental or healthcare flexible spending accounts benefits, you will receive information at your home about your rights under COBRA. You do not need to do anything with this information.
  • When you log in, you will be asked to provide Social Security Numbers for your dependents. Due to government reporting requirements, we are required to collect Social Security Numbers on all dependents covered by the Carilion Clinic medical plan. Please be sure to have this information accessible when completing your enrollments.



Contact the HR Service Center at or 800-599-2537.

What's Next

After you complete your benefits enrollment, you have completed all the steps in the new hire process. Welcome to Carilion!